Lycee Franco Qatarian Voltaire School

Al Waab, Doha,Qatar


Why Voltaire project?

The Franco-Qatari Doha Voltaire high school is a school of Qatari private law, registered with the Trade and having legal personality. He was born of the will of the Qatari authorities to offer young Qataris, to French youth and youth of all nationalities schooling consistent with fundamental principles of the French education for French programs and pedagogical and organizational principles French education, taking into account national specificities determined by the Supreme Council of Education of the State of Qatar, particularly regarding the teaching of the Islamic religion and the Arabic language. The Voltaire Project is an educational tool of excellence for French ambitions of Qatar.

Who supervises?

The property is placed under the responsibility of a Board of Directors consisting of eight people maximum spread equally between French and Qatari members. It is chaired by the Qatari party and the vice presidency is assured by the française.Le Secretary General on the Board of Directors ensures the proper functioning of the project and provides the link between the Conseild'administration and the Head of the institution.

Who manage ?

School is managed by the Board of Directors and connected via the headmaster with the Ministry of Education for the French program and with the Supreme Education Council of Qatar for the program. A new agreement between the State of Qatar and the French Republic on the Franco-Qatari high school Voltaire was signed in Paris on 30 May 2013. He creates with the Board two advisory committees for financial management and educational management the establishment. Who include elected representatives of teachers and parents.

Where is the Lycee Voltaire?

The first high school site, located in the district of West Bay near Qatar University and the French Institute of Qatar, opened in September 2007 and was inaugurated January 15, 2008 by President Sarkozy and by Crown Prince of the State of Qatar. Today it houses a primary school of 518 students.

The second site, located near Al Waab Road and Aspire Zone, opened its doors in September 2012 and was inaugurated June 22, 2013 by President Hollande and the Attorney General of the State of Qatar, President the Board of Directors of the school. Today it houses a primary school of 577 students.

A third site opened in 2014, to Salwa Road, aceuillant 177 college students and 19 high school students.

What Voltaire high school classes he offers and for what (s) curriculum?

French is the language of instruction of the institution, which provides a curriculum conforms to the requirements and programs of the French Ministry of National Education, with a strengthened from primary education in Arabic and English. From college, Chinese is offered in Spanish in sixth and fourth. The Lycee Voltaire is committed to limiting class sizes (20 students) and favors pedagogy projects. It attaches importance to the teaching of history and Qatari culture. Religious instruction in Arabic, mandatory for Qatari students from the Kindergarten class is optional for non-Qatari Muslim students.

All levels of primary schools (nursery and primary) is approved by the National Education and the extension of approval of application for college has been filed. In September 2014, the facility will open its second class, leading his first students to the French baccalaureate in June 2017. An international baccalaureate preparation called "Geneva" is also under consideration.

What is its supervision?

Administratively the headmaster, is the head of the establishment and support of Voltaire project. He works in permanent contact with the Board of Directors represented by its Secretary General. He is assisted by a vice principal, accountant officer, a director of administrative and logistical affairs, and a director for each primary school. Educational support is comparable to that of a French institution abroad: principals, school teachers, language teachers and childminders for primary, assistant principal, certified or associate professors, teachers and language teachers auxiliaries for secondary education advisers and assistants for all levels. To date, all categories, 37 tenured staff of Education to carry Voltaire high school.

As part of an agreement with partenariatsigné the Agency for French Teaching Abroad, the property has for personal continuing education activities organized by the largest operator of educational institutions in the Middle East area / Indian peninsula.

Voltaire high school, because of his ambition to educate all students living in French in Francophone and non-Francophone families, wants to practice a very close supervision of students made possible by small class sizes and emphasizing dialogue with the student and his family. So is sought for each of the custom path that will lead to success, with essential support from the family.

What are the registration requirements?

It is open to all children of school age regardless of their nationality. The present 1271 students now represent 30 nationalities. A priority in enrollment, however, is given to Qatari children and French children. Given the ambition of the project, it is very important to enroll children from the small kindergarten class, especially for non-French speaking families. For other levels, children from a non-approved National Education institution will be subject to an entrance tes