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Giggles Day Care

Al Gharaffa


Imagine, Play, Learn… Giggles
Giggles Day Care is a place where your child will have a journey full of wonderful memories and accomplishments. 

Giggles Day Care’s mission is to provide the kids with the best. We ensure that all our centers adhere to and meet the highest standards of care and education that help our kids develop and reach the highest of their potentials. In other words, our mission is to promote a nurturing and stimulating environment that leaves a deep and lasting impact in their future and prepare them for their next educational steps. 

Giggles Day Care recognizes that if kids are happy, confident and well cared for, then they are more likely to progress and fulfil the foundation stage of their development. At Giggles, we aim to provide: 
•    A warm and friendly atmosphere with qualified and trained child care providers
•    Safe and hygienic facilities and equipment 
•    A variety of age appropriate activities, educational and stimulating toys that support the child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs
•    A support panel to parents and ways of communication to tackle any issue that arises with their kids 
At Giggles, our parents will have:  
•    Increased knowledge of their child’s development and individual needs through our developmental assessments that we provide upon request and our monthly parent/teacher meeting
•    Increased knowledge of their child’s health and nutritional needs through the continuous check and observation from our onsite nutritionist and nurse in addition to the regular monthly visit from our doctor 

Operation Schedule and Registration
At Giggles, we believe in providing a flexible schedule to meet the needs of families living in Qatar. We are open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday.  We are available the whole year round except national holidays.
Registration forms are available at the Day Care Center or can be requested by e-mail
The following documents will be required for enrollment:
•    Complete registration forms with signatures
•    Fee agreement form with signatures
•    2 passport-size photos of the child
•    Copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport
•    Copy of Qatari ID cards and/or passports of parents
•    Any court orders involving custody of the child (only for adoption, guardianship or divorce)

Safety of the kids is our number one priority therefore we have implemented the following safety measures: 
•    We have a full-time guard that is at the gate at all times
•    Our classes, equipment, and facilities are regularly monitored against safety hazards and any damages 
•    We run regular fire drills to train our kids and staff on how to act in case of a fire emergency 
•    We have camera system that covers all the areas of the day care. 
•    We follow a strict release policy and only authorized people mentioned in the registration form are allowed to pick up the child 
•    In the event of an accident, parents are notified immediately and an accident form is filled and kept in the child's file 

Health and Medication 
Giggles Day Care follows a strict sick-policy; we provide a full-time qualified nurse that checks the kids regularly. Children are routinely checked upon arrival and in case of any health concerns the parent will be informed immediately.  
Giggles Day Care takes into consideration the dusty weather conditions that cover Doha for a significant period of the year therefore we provided each classroom with an air purifier. 
In line with our aim to provide a healthy and safe environment for the children and the staff, Giggles Day Care will not accept sick children. Nutrition 

Giggles Day Care recommends that all meals are nutritionally balanced and contains one representative of each of the four (4) major food groups (Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Proteins). If you require any nutritional assistance, we will be more than happy to provide you with guidance. 
Giggles Day Care is a nut-free zone. Any kind of food that contains nuts of any kind is not allowed and will be returned to the parents. 
Junk foods such as fizzy drinks, chocolates and sweets, sugary treats, chips are also not allowed in Giggles Day Care