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Bambinos Daycare



By creating a home from home environment, that is both safe and nurturing, with clearly developed programs that engage infants on sensory levels, and implemented by trained staff who understand this method of knowledge transfer, Bambinos Daycare provides a distinct advantage for parents who want to ensure that their bambinos can assimilate into the school environment in the next stage of their development.


To give your little ones the big start they need, and to give yourself peace of mind during every moment they are with us, visit Bambinos Daycare or register on this website for an enrollment pack.

a. Bambinos Business Hours:
6:00am to 3:00pm and 7:00am to 2:00pm

Late pick up service : 3:00pm to 5:00pm

b. Age Group
We accept bambinos from 1 year to 4 years old. If in September of a current academic year your bambino is older than 4 years and 3 months, we are unable to accept them at Bambinos Daycare.

c. Languages
In addition to our core syllabus, optional Arabic and Qu’ran lessons are provided for children over 2 yrs. Please fill in the Language Form if you require your bambino to attend any of these classes.

d. Nutrition
Bambinos Daycare will, depending on each classroom, provide 3 snack times. Please check the class timetable for its snack times. If a little one arrives at Bambinos after the scheduled snack time then they will be fed only at the next snack time. In such cases, please ensure your Bambino is fed before he/she is dropped o at our daycare.

e. Holidays
Bambinos Daycare holidays are as follows : 

Eid Ul Fithr - as per Government Holidays
Eid Al Adha - as per Government Holidays
Qatar National Day - 18th December
National Sports Day - Second Tuesday of February

f. Medical Team
To ensure your bambino’s health, we have as part of our sta, a full time nurse and a visiting Health Care Practitioner.

g. Payments & Discounts
Tuition Fees are due on the 1st of every month.
Sibling discounts are as follows: 10% sibling discount applicable on monthly payments only.


  1. Late pick up Services
  2. Late pick up services are available from 3:00pm till 5:00pm for those parents with long working hours.
  3. This service can be booked by giving 3 days written notice.
  4. Please contact the reception for more details on the Additional Services

Tuition Fee

  1. September 2015- June 2016
    Working Hours: 6:00am to 3:00pm
  2. Daily rates: Registered QR 150 / -
    Registration Fees: QR 1500 / -
  3. All payments are non-refundable
    Tuition Fees are due on the 1st of every month

Registration fees are QR 1500 paid one time only. Registration fees are repaid in case of a child absenteeism for a period
exceeding 6 months, as the child's personal file and online page are deleted after this period of absenteeism.


  1. A non- refundable / non-deductible retainer is applicable if you require a space
    booked for your bambino when on holiday for a month. For this, retainer is QR 1000 /.
  2. Written notice is required for change of days, increase / decrease of days. Changes will
    be in eect as of next fee payment date onwards, depending on availability of spaces.
  3. Registration fees are invalid if you do not start 2 weeks from the date specified on the
    form. Your bambino will also lose their place at Bambinos Daycare.
    The Registration fee is valid for 3 months, depending on space availability.
  4. If your child leaves Bambinos Daycare in the middle of the month,
    monthly charges will be applicable (Proportional fees will not be calculated).
  5. Children cannot be brought to Bambinos on a non-registered date. If you require this
    option, an extra day QR 150 / - will be charged, subject to availability of space.
  6. Whenever your bambino is away on holiday, then a full month fee is applicable
    (Proportional fees will not be calculated)

Fundamental Bambinos

Bambinos is an experiential Daycare facility offering a unique integrated approach to learning that focuses on creating fun activities that stimulate knowledge development, within a safe environment.

Discovering Knowledge
Infants learn much about the world through their own exploration and discovery. The process is known as experiential learning and provides the groundwork for a child’s cognitive development.

Babies further begin to understand new concepts through a process known as assimilation.

Experiential Learning
Immediate personal experience is the focal point of learning and provides concrete examples for abstract ideas and concepts. Infants develop a feedback process that allows them to test new ideas against what they already know and observe new experiences that help them change their previous knowledge capacity.

The information feedback from exploration provides the basis for continued exploration and goal-oriented action.

Assimilation and accommodation help infants adapt to the environment by helping them understand new stimuli by relating it to what they already know. Assimilation refers to the process in which infants gather new information and fit it into what they have already learned in their past.

Building Your Bambinos Cognitive Development
The most important aspect of helping a baby explore their surroundings is that the child needs to know that they have a secure base available if they begin to perceive danger in the environment. This is established by a parent comforting the child in a time of need, which includes feeding them when they are hungry or holding them when they are startled. Without a sense of security, babies cannot explore their surroundings with confidence, which can delay cognitive development.


Bambinos 12-24 months programme

  1. Circle time
  2. Library
  3. Worksheet & colouring
  4. Water and sand play
  5. Fun to Learn
  6. Music Time/Dancing
  7. Art class
  8. TV Time
  9. French/Arabic Songs
  10. Puzzles and blocks
  11. Soft play

Bambinos 24-48 month programme

  1. Circle time
  2. Library
  3. Phonics/Numbers/Shapes/Colours
  4. Worksheet & colouring
  5. Cooking time
  6. French/Arabic
  7. Art Class
  8. Music time/dancing
  9. Water and sand play